TMJ Treatment

TMJ is the name given to any disorder impacting the alignment of your jaw, but many of these disorders affect your jaw in different ways. Treating TMJ relies on determining the cause or where the misalignment is coming from, a process that requires a thorough examination of the jaw along with facial and neck muscles. Once the cause has been identified, BRSH Dental will customize a treatment plan that meets your very unique needs.


Treatments of TMJ include establishing proper bite position. This is done through muscle relaxation with a TENS unit. A TENS unit is an electrotherapy device that uses small electrical currents to relax muscles.

TENS therapy has two distinct benefits:

  • Immediate relief of TMJ symptoms such as pain
  • Allowing muscles to relax sufficiently for our dentists to establish proper bite alignment

Once established, we can begin to tailor your TMJ treatment to restore proper jaw position and provide long-term relief.


Our neuromuscular dentists use devices such as mouthguards or oral splints to help relax and retrain muscles. These oral devices are customized to fit comfortably in your mouth and address your specific case of TMJ. This phase of treatment may take several months or maybe a permanent need but is necessary for providing long-term relief.

After muscles have been retrained and alignment restored, permanent solutions such as full mouth reconstruction/Non-Surgical Facelift may be used to provide a permanent solution for your TMJ.

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