Root Canal

A root canal is the resolution to an infected tooth due to decay or trauma that involves removing the infected or damaged tissue from the canals and replacing it with a substitute filling material to eliminate infection. New materials and technology help ensure treatment is more time-efficient, easier, more comfortable, and completed in only one appointment.

Tooth infection can result in issues including chronic or acute pain, tooth death, and eventual tooth loss. When a tooth becomes infected the only way to prevent larger oral health issues is through the root canal procedure.

Symptoms of an infected tooth often begin with a toothache, which may be noticeable when biting or chewing. Increased tooth sensitivity, a swelling or reddening of the gums around a specific tooth, and changes in the color of a tooth are all possible as infection spreads. These issues should be immediately conveyed to the office so that swift action is taken to defend against prolonged discomfort, possible tooth loss or systemic health complications.

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